In Nigeria, thousands of poor citizens in our rural areas do not have access and affordable healthcare; those that exist are faced with poor infrastructure.

The major public health problem is associated to poor environmental sanitation, exposure to communicable diseases and poor personal hygiene.

Edith Ogbonna Foundation EOF is striving to sensitize poor communities on environmental sanitation. Among the new advances in the controlling of malaria is the use of long lasting insecticide treated net. EOF has been able to sensitize and distribute treated mosquito net to the needy. In addition to community activities, we conducted house to house visit to educate residents about the importance of personal hygiene and keeping their environment clean in order to achieve reduction in the rate of malaria, cholera, diarrhea and other diseases.


Get involved, we are working to save lives and improve healthy communities. Together we can  build a world where everyone will have the opportunity for a healthy life.

EOF is desirous to partner with well meaning Organizations ,Institutions, cooperate bodies and individuals who shares the same aims with us. Be it local or international, let come together and save lives.

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