Over the years, there has been a growing concern on Human Trafficking and Illegal Migration from Nigeria through Sahara Desert and Mediterranean Sea to Italy, Spain and other parts of Europe. Human Trafficking is referred as modern form slavery being practice by notorious and highly influential cabals; they capitalize on the ignorance and high level of illiteracy to lure their victims with fake promises of non-existing   juicy jobs abroad. Because of this miss-information from Traffickers, there is high level of desperation among many Nigerians to travel abroad illegally through Sahara Desert and Mediterranean Sea in the name of Greener Pastures.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  The desperation of a better life in Europe has push many Nigerians into risking their own lifes in search of non-existing and deadly greener pastures abroad, a dream that does not exist, a journey of life and death.

If a migrant eventually survive the torture, rape and humiliation from the Libyans, and step into the Mediterranean Sea, “THERE” IS


THE BEGINNING OF ANOTHER HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE, many illegal migrants from Nigeria has lost their life’s in the Mediterranean sea.

It is believed that Benin city is one of the hottest exit point of human traffickers and illegal migrant from Nigeria.

EDITH OGBONNA FOUNDATION  was in Benin city recently, on awareness campaign, informing both the young and old about the dangers of illegal migration through Sahara Desert and Mediterranean Sea. During our awareness campaign, we visited some of the voluntary returnees from Libya who later join our campaign to discourage others from taking such dangerous decision.

 Human trafficking does not only involve sex and labour, people are also trafficked for ORGAN PROCUREMENT, Victims are killed for their organs which are sold and transplanted at enormous profit.


It is one of our causes to; Inform, Educate and Create awareness on the dangers and abuse of human dignity this practice brings to humanity.

Human Trafficking and illegal migration from Nigeria through Sahara Desert and Mediterranean sea to Europe is an embarrassment to Nigeria, Spain, Italy and European union.

The time is now for all Local organizations, International organizations, Nigerian government and European Union to GET INVOLVE.  Let come together and stop this deadly practice.


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